I’m switching from Firefox to Safari

Forever now, Firefox has always eaten up my CPU when idle. At the best of times, on my Windows or Mac machine, Firefox eats up approx 5% of my CPU, and it’s usually more like 10%. That’s the best of times. Often, I’ll wonder why my computer is crawling and look to see that Firefox is eating 20% or so, if not more. It could be a plugin I’m running, but I’ve tried disabling them to no avail. I have GMail open continuously, and after a few hours, Firefox seems to eat more and more CPU and memory. It all points towards a memory leak Javascript, but I’m no expert. Anyway, after a bit of experimenting with Safari, it doesn’t seem to exhibit such behavior. I haven’t done a long-term test, but after watching its CPU stay low, and my webpages load faster, I’m willing to do a long-term experiment. Here’s hoping…

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