Getting a blank wordpress homepage?

In the course of programming, I seem to spend a lot of my time solving really strange errors. Although, since they’re a daily occurrence, maybe “strange” isn’t the right adjective. I started this blog in part to document the solutions I find and hopefully help other folks out.

Case in point:

Right after I install WordPress, the homepage is completely blank. The admin page is working like a champ though. I promptly view source, and I see nothing. I start thinking that maybe PHP is messed up. A bit of searching, and although I turn up some potentially helpful pages, they didn’t help me.
Then I load up trusty Beyond Compare (best program ever), and promptly see that my index.php page is bigger on the server than my local page. A quick compare shows me that something (FileZilla?) “helpfully” inserted backspaces in front of every single quote in the index.php page. I promptly re-upload index.php, and I’m reading my blog again…

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