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I’ve applied to be a speaker at Adobe MAX 2010

I learned a lot over the past year and a half since I started working with Adobe Flex/AIR, and I really want to give the talk that I wish someone had given me at Adobe MAX 2008. It would basically be a, “Here is what to look out for when you’re writing your first large Flex/AIR application, and here is a repository of source code to save yourself a few hundred hours of work”.

  • Cross platform gotchas
  • Localizing/Globalizing (how to cheaply include every currency and date format in the world)
  • Adding license key protection
  • Team workflow (source control and build system gotchas)
  • Smooth badge-based deployment
  • Adding crash reporting to your app (even in pre AIR 2.0 code)
  • Quickly adding a help system to your app
  • How to improve the built-in AIR auto-update mechanism
  • Custom component gotchas
  • Large scale QA/testing on a shoestring budget
  • Elegantly adapting code to the single threaded environment
  • Emulating type-safe containers
  • Reducing compile times

It would be more of a “wide dive” instead of the “deep dive” talks that are all of the rage, but the source code supplement would hopefully fill in the gaps. Whether I am accepted or not, I’ll put this talk together for my local Austin Flex user group, and I’ll post the source code and materials here.

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Text “link” event won’t fire unless selectable=”true”

I couldn’t figure out why the link in my Text element’s htmlText field wasn’t firing. Turns out I had selectable=”false” on the Text element, and changing it to be selectable=”true” made it work again. Hopefully someone will see this when they do the same Google search I just did looking for this problem. :)

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