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Including Library and System Files in a Mac Spotlight search

Thanks to this helpful post, I am now happily searching through my /Library folder using the Finder’s search/Spotlight field.

Here’s a quick video I made showing how to do it.

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1Password for Chrome

I love 1Password. I think it’s the best password manager out there, even though it’s only for the Mac.

Anyway, they now have an extension for Chrome, and it is easy to install by following these instructions.

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The Making of an AIR App – From Whiteboard to Reality

Jesse just made a cool video showing the evolution of “You Need a Budget (YNAB)” as it went from whiteboarding concepts to reality:

You can check out the original blog post here.

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Installing the AIR 2.0 SDK on the Mac (OS X)

I’m posting this as a note to myself because I keep forgetting how to do it between drops of the AIR 2.0 Beta SDK.

This article tells you everything you need to know. The key for me was the helpful “ditto” command:
[code lang="as3"]ditto -V /Volumes/AIR\ SDK/ /Applications/Adobe\ Flex\ Builder\ 3/sdks/3.4andAir2/[/code]

You can apparently also use “cp -r”.

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